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Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon – 2013

I’ve been in many running races since I started, but the blog is new, so I’ll just talk about my Half Marathons. The first one was in Orlando and is unforgettable.

The fun part starts with the sports fair. You have to go to pick up your package and there is a huge fair, I wanted to buy everything, and the prices were good (at least for someone coming from Brazil, everything is cheaper).


It’s an evening race, starts at 10pm and with fireworks. So many people and so organized that I couldn’t believe. The race goes through 3 parks and they put the characters  along the way, Mickey, Jack Sparrow, etc. It’s so much fun that the runners don’t really care about the time and a lot of them stop to take pictures with the characters.

The parks were already decorated for Christmas and was so pretty, all the Christmas lights made me cry during the race. There were also big screens along the way showing videos of people holding beers and wine, saying “It’s waiting for you in the end”.

When you are almost there, the speaker says the name of every runner arriving and it’s so exciting! When I crossed the finish line, my sister and friends were screaming my name and holding a big banner written: “Congrats for your first Half Marathon”. I can’t even describe my feeling at this point.


There was a party at the end, with good food, wine and beer. But I was extremely exhausted and I couldn’t stay. It was my first Half Marathon and my vacation, so I didn’t prepare myself well, I didn’t eat before and I spent the entire day having fun in the parks. I think I don’t have to say that I finished the race with an awful time! But I didn’t really care.

I have to say, I couldn’t start better. It’s a beautiful race, lots of fun and incentives. I hope to do it again sometime and I strongly recommend this race.


I love reading books, I love running, I love travelling... So I decided to share my experiences here. Why not?

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