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Buenos Aires – 2010

My first trip to Buenos Aires was in 2010, with my sister and a friend. I loved Buenos Aires since the beginning. The joy of the argentines are contagious and the men are so charming!

The Florida Street is full of cool stores and Cafes. The famous Cafe Havana with the delicious alfajores.

Florida Street, front of Galerias Pacifico
Galerias Pacifico


Casa Rosada (executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina) is a must stop. So beautiful! Although there is always protesters around.

Casa Rosada


Buenos Aires it’s full of great Coffee shops. I visited some of them, but Cafe Tortoni was my favorite. A little expensive, but it’s worth it.


Caminito is another great neighborhood, lots of cool stores, arts and street tango.



I also went to a tango show. I didn’t go to the most famous show because it’s very expensive, but I went to a nice restaurant, show and dinner included. The name is Taconeando. The show is amazing, tango is a very romantic and dramatic dance, to the sound of beautiful classical music. In the end the professional dancers teach the guests a little, just for fun.


Of course, as a good Brazilian I visited the famous La Bombonera stadium, the home of Boca Juniors football club.


Well, the trip was a long time ago, I don’t really remember the name of restaurants that I visited, but the food in Argentina is really good, specially for meat lovers (what is not exactly my case). And again, the restaurants are a little expensive, but you can eat great steaks, the best quality with a great wine.

I wanna go back for my third time and I will take more pictures and recommend Hotels and Restaurants.


I love reading books, I love running, I love travelling... So I decided to share my experiences here. Why not?

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