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Vancouver Sun Run 10K – 2018

I ran the Sun Run for the first time last Sunday. It was my first 10K in over 1 year (I had to stop for a long time because of my disc herniation).

There was a fair before the race where you go to pick up your package, but it was very small, nothing really interesting.

Sun Run fair at BC Place

It was insanely crowded, over 41.000 runners, I could barely move to start the music on my phone.

Photo from Vancouver Sun Run Facebook page

What I liked: Happy people, a lot of fun. Many water stations along the route and many singers to entertain the runners. And the route of course, around Stanley Park and Beach Avenue, sooo pretty!

What I didn’t like: There is no medal for the finishers 😦 I confess that I didn’t read the terms and conditions, but didn’t cross my mind that the biggest 10K race in Canada wouldn’t give a medal in the end. So I was very, very disappointed, specially because it was my first race in a long time, and after so much pain I really deserved a medal! And the worst, there was no Gatorade or other sports beverage in the end. After the finish line, the runners had to walk all the way to BC Place stadium to grab something to drink or eat, and wait in long lines. I’m used to races that you cross the finish line and you walk to a line where you receive the medal, a Gatorade and fruit immediately. You don’t have to almost “hunt” for it.


I’m happy that I finished well, not much pain on my back, but I wish I had started again in a better organized race. I don’t think I will run the Sun Run again.



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