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BMO Vancouver Marathon – 2015 and 2016

Ah…I love this race!

BMO Van Marathon is a big race, around 25,000 runners. You can run Marathon, Half Marathon, 8K or Marathon Relay. I ran Half Marathon, twice.

The fun starts when you go to pick up your race package, at Vancouver Convention Centre. They have a big fair, a lot of cool stuff to buy, fitness clothes, accessories, supplements and souvenirs. They also offer you gloves (generally is around 5 degrees) and free transit tickets. It’s very well organized.

The race starts at Queen Elizabeth Park (so pretty!), go to Downtown Vancouver and all the way around Stanley Park.  It’s the most beautiful route!

There are many entertainers in the way, singers and volunteers with motivational signs. Which really helps you to keep going.

They offer an amazing service, you can have your tracking number and send to your friends to follow you and know exactly where you are and your timing.

The finish line is amazing too, you receive the medal immediately, with a sandwich, fruits, beer (yes, there is a free beer in the end 🙂 ) and many food and supplements samples. And the medal is always so beautiful!!!!

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 043


I feel said that I couldn’t run this race in 2017 and 2018 because of my back problems, but I will next year for sure! This Half Marathon is awesome!



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One thought on “BMO Vancouver Marathon – 2015 and 2016

  1. A parte da cerveja no fim foi a mais incrível!!!! Aliás toda a estrutura da prova eu achei incrível, começando pelo tracking number!!!! E viva a tecnologia!!!!!!


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