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No Meat Athlete


I’ve never loved red meat, I used to eat ground beef occasionally, in soups or pasta. But I started to eat more when my dietician told me that runners need to eat red meat at least twice a week. Plus there is all the protein that we need, specially if we workout.

Then I started to feel really bad for the animals. I always loved them, but suddenly the feeling got me. I was confused, thinking that we need protein, and humans always ate animals, a long  time ago they had to hunt to survive. And my conclusion is: I wouldn’t mind to eat animals if they die naturally or if they have a good life.

Unfortunately that’s not what happens, what the industry does with them is extremely cruel, living in tiny and dirty spaces, mothers and babies been separated in the most cruel way, etc. So I decided to stop, or just eat meat from ethical sources, generally local farms. Fortunately is easy to find out the farms practices, at least in Canada. But of course, they are way more expensive. So it’s just sometimes.

The problem was: How am I going to get enough protein?

Then I found this book, No Meat Athlete. The author is an ultra marathoner and he talks about his transition to veganism and how stopped eating meat helped him to be a better athlete.

I’ve read this book because I wanted to learn how to eat smarter, to get enough protein and be healthier. The author talks about many nutrition studies, give examples and some recipes. Once you understand the basics, you can create your own recipes and becomes a habit. It’s difficult when you are traveling with meat lovers for example, but is possible, you just need to plan better.

I’m loving my smoothies, I feel health and I don’t feel hungry for a long time. Plus, I lost some weight 🙂

The book also helps you to start running, if you are not a runner yet. So far I am happy with my decision 🙂

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥


I love reading books, I love running, I love travelling... So I decided to share my experiences here. Why not?

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