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Camping – Florence, Oregon

I’ll start saying that I don’t love camping. The idea of sleeping in a tent and don’t having the bathroom right there scares me a little. That been said, this trip was awesome! We stayed at Honeyman campground , Florence, Oregon. The camp site is very well structured, the bathrooms had hot shower, always clean and even had electricity points, I could dry my hair 🙂


Florence is a charming city and we had everything close, including Liquor Store and Safeway Supermarket. Very convenient!

There is a nice beach and the dunes. You can rent ATV’s everywhere around there, but is expensive. The beach was empty, I could let my dog off leash, he had lots of fun 🙂


Sea Lion Caves is another a great attraction. The Sea Lions were a little far away, I couldn’t take a nice picture, but just the cave worth the visit, very beautiful, an interesting history and an amazing view from the top.


And my favorite was the Heceta Head Lighthouse, the most photographed lighthouse in United States. For some reason I love lighthouses and this one is really beautiful. The trail to go to the top offers amazing views from the beach and the lighthouse is very pretty.


We went from Vancouver, Canada, is a long way driving. But the road trip is cool, and we stopped in Portland for lunch, at Deschutes Brewery. I love this bar. In the way back we stopped many times to take pictures of the coast. We also stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for some cheese tasting and a delicious ice cream. And the last stop was for a lunch in another charming restaurant, Driftwood , Cannon Beach, which allows dogs in the patio. Another great time for Buddy.


I’m willing to go camping more often for trips like that, good structure, good company and nice things to do 😉




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2 thoughts on “Camping – Florence, Oregon

  1. Que lugar, Ka!!!!! Lindo mesmo!!!!!!!!!
    Deve ter sido bem especial! E que bom ser tão estruturado!! Eu confesso que essa coisa de camping também não faz muito minha cabeça não… justamente por gostar de estrutura, eletricidade, chuveiro quente e cama macia… rsrsrs
    Amei o post!!!
    Um beijão!!!!!


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