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No Meat Athlete


I’ve never loved red meat, I used to eat ground beef occasionally, in soups or pasta. But I started to eat more when my dietician told me that runners need to eat red meat at least twice a week. Plus there is all the protein that we need, specially if we workout.

Then I started to feel really bad for the animals. I always loved them, but suddenly the feeling got me. I was confused, thinking that we need protein, and humans always ate animals, a long  time ago they had to hunt to survive. And my conclusion is: I wouldn’t mind to eat animals if they die naturally or if they have a good life.

Unfortunately that’s not what happens, what the industry does with them is extremely cruel, living in tiny and dirty spaces, mothers and babies been separated in the most cruel way, etc. So I decided to stop, or just eat meat from ethical sources, generally local farms. Fortunately is easy to find out the farms practices, at least in Canada. But of course, they are way more expensive. So it’s just sometimes.

The problem was: How am I going to get enough protein?

Then I found this book, No Meat Athlete. The author is an ultra marathoner and he talks about his transition to veganism and how stopped eating meat helped him to be a better athlete.

I’ve read this book because I wanted to learn how to eat smarter, to get enough protein and be healthier. The author talks about many nutrition studies, give examples and some recipes. Once you understand the basics, you can create your own recipes and becomes a habit. It’s difficult when you are traveling with meat lovers for example, but is possible, you just need to plan better.

I’m loving my smoothies, I feel health and I don’t feel hungry for a long time. Plus, I lost some weight 🙂

The book also helps you to start running, if you are not a runner yet. So far I am happy with my decision 🙂

Review: ♥♥♥♥♥

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BMO Vancouver Marathon – 2015 and 2016

Ah…I love this race!

BMO Van Marathon is a big race, around 25,000 runners. You can run Marathon, Half Marathon, 8K or Marathon Relay. I ran Half Marathon, twice.

The fun starts when you go to pick up your race package, at Vancouver Convention Centre. They have a big fair, a lot of cool stuff to buy, fitness clothes, accessories, supplements and souvenirs. They also offer you gloves (generally is around 5 degrees) and free transit tickets. It’s very well organized.

The race starts at Queen Elizabeth Park (so pretty!), go to Downtown Vancouver and all the way around Stanley Park.  It’s the most beautiful route!

There are many entertainers in the way, singers and volunteers with motivational signs. Which really helps you to keep going.

They offer an amazing service, you can have your tracking number and send to your friends to follow you and know exactly where you are and your timing.

The finish line is amazing too, you receive the medal immediately, with a sandwich, fruits, beer (yes, there is a free beer in the end 🙂 ) and many food and supplements samples. And the medal is always so beautiful!!!!

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 043


I feel said that I couldn’t run this race in 2017 and 2018 because of my back problems, but I will next year for sure! This Half Marathon is awesome!


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Vancouver Sun Run 10K – 2018

I ran the Sun Run for the first time last Sunday. It was my first 10K in over 1 year (I had to stop for a long time because of my disc herniation).

There was a fair before the race where you go to pick up your package, but it was very small, nothing really interesting.

Sun Run fair at BC Place

It was insanely crowded, over 41.000 runners, I could barely move to start the music on my phone.

Photo from Vancouver Sun Run Facebook page

What I liked: Happy people, a lot of fun. Many water stations along the route and many singers to entertain the runners. And the route of course, around Stanley Park and Beach Avenue, sooo pretty!

What I didn’t like: There is no medal for the finishers 😦 I confess that I didn’t read the terms and conditions, but didn’t cross my mind that the biggest 10K race in Canada wouldn’t give a medal in the end. So I was very, very disappointed, specially because it was my first race in a long time, and after so much pain I really deserved a medal! And the worst, there was no Gatorade or other sports beverage in the end. After the finish line, the runners had to walk all the way to BC Place stadium to grab something to drink or eat, and wait in long lines. I’m used to races that you cross the finish line and you walk to a line where you receive the medal, a Gatorade and fruit immediately. You don’t have to almost “hunt” for it.


I’m happy that I finished well, not much pain on my back, but I wish I had started again in a better organized race. I don’t think I will run the Sun Run again.


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Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon – 2013

I’ve been in many running races since I started, but the blog is new, so I’ll just talk about my Half Marathons. The first one was in Orlando and is unforgettable.

The fun part starts with the sports fair. You have to go to pick up your package and there is a huge fair, I wanted to buy everything, and the prices were good (at least for someone coming from Brazil, everything is cheaper).


It’s an evening race, starts at 10pm and with fireworks. So many people and so organized that I couldn’t believe. The race goes through 3 parks and they put the characters  along the way, Mickey, Jack Sparrow, etc. It’s so much fun that the runners don’t really care about the time and a lot of them stop to take pictures with the characters.

The parks were already decorated for Christmas and was so pretty, all the Christmas lights made me cry during the race. There were also big screens along the way showing videos of people holding beers and wine, saying “It’s waiting for you in the end”.

When you are almost there, the speaker says the name of every runner arriving and it’s so exciting! When I crossed the finish line, my sister and friends were screaming my name and holding a big banner written: “Congrats for your first Half Marathon”. I can’t even describe my feeling at this point.


There was a party at the end, with good food, wine and beer. But I was extremely exhausted and I couldn’t stay. It was my first Half Marathon and my vacation, so I didn’t prepare myself well, I didn’t eat before and I spent the entire day having fun in the parks. I think I don’t have to say that I finished the race with an awful time! But I didn’t really care.

I have to say, I couldn’t start better. It’s a beautiful race, lots of fun and incentives. I hope to do it again sometime and I strongly recommend this race.

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The running begins


I always saw people running and thought: “What a healthy life! They look happy and free!” Then I had a traumatic experience on January 1, 2011. In February I started running. It was something to focus on and forget the emotional pain.

I started by myself, researching everything on the internet and running magazines. It was very grateful when I ran my first 30 minutes without walking. I was so happy!

Then I registered for my first race and I started training seriously, 3 times a week. It was just 4K, but I wanted to do well.

The race happened on April 17, 2011, the day that my mom died in 1998. Of course I ran thinking of her and I thought it would make her proud if I finish.

And I did. What an amazing feeling! It was just 4K, but for someone that couldn’t run at all it was rewarding. I wanted to cry and I will never forget the feeling. I still have the t-shirt.

Mizuno 10 miles 055Mizuno 10 miles 047

And I didn’t stop. Many people saying that I was crazy because sometimes I wouldn’t go out or drink, specially when I had training or race next day. But the important people always supported me.

It was just the beginning!