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Camping – Florence, Oregon

I’ll start saying that I don’t love camping. The idea of sleeping in a tent and don’t having the bathroom right there scares me a little. That been said, this trip was awesome! We stayed at Honeyman campground , Florence, Oregon. The camp site is very well structured, the bathrooms had hot shower, always clean and even had electricity points, I could dry my hair 🙂


Florence is a charming city and we had everything close, including Liquor Store and Safeway Supermarket. Very convenient!

There is a nice beach and the dunes. You can rent ATV’s everywhere around there, but is expensive. The beach was empty, I could let my dog off leash, he had lots of fun 🙂


Sea Lion Caves is another a great attraction. The Sea Lions were a little far away, I couldn’t take a nice picture, but just the cave worth the visit, very beautiful, an interesting history and an amazing view from the top.


And my favorite was the Heceta Head Lighthouse, the most photographed lighthouse in United States. For some reason I love lighthouses and this one is really beautiful. The trail to go to the top offers amazing views from the beach and the lighthouse is very pretty.


We went from Vancouver, Canada, is a long way driving. But the road trip is cool, and we stopped in Portland for lunch, at Deschutes Brewery. I love this bar. In the way back we stopped many times to take pictures of the coast. We also stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for some cheese tasting and a delicious ice cream. And the last stop was for a lunch in another charming restaurant, Driftwood , Cannon Beach, which allows dogs in the patio. Another great time for Buddy.


I’m willing to go camping more often for trips like that, good structure, good company and nice things to do 😉



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Buenos Aires – 2010

My first trip to Buenos Aires was in 2010, with my sister and a friend. I loved Buenos Aires since the beginning. The joy of the argentines are contagious and the men are so charming!

The Florida Street is full of cool stores and Cafes. The famous Cafe Havana with the delicious alfajores.

Florida Street, front of Galerias Pacifico
Galerias Pacifico


Casa Rosada (executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina) is a must stop. So beautiful! Although there is always protesters around.

Casa Rosada


Buenos Aires it’s full of great Coffee shops. I visited some of them, but Cafe Tortoni was my favorite. A little expensive, but it’s worth it.


Caminito is another great neighborhood, lots of cool stores, arts and street tango.



I also went to a tango show. I didn’t go to the most famous show because it’s very expensive, but I went to a nice restaurant, show and dinner included. The name is Taconeando. The show is amazing, tango is a very romantic and dramatic dance, to the sound of beautiful classical music. In the end the professional dancers teach the guests a little, just for fun.


Of course, as a good Brazilian I visited the famous La Bombonera stadium, the home of Boca Juniors football club.


Well, the trip was a long time ago, I don’t really remember the name of restaurants that I visited, but the food in Argentina is really good, specially for meat lovers (what is not exactly my case). And again, the restaurants are a little expensive, but you can eat great steaks, the best quality with a great wine.

I wanna go back for my third time and I will take more pictures and recommend Hotels and Restaurants.

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Vancouver – 2015

I’m from Brazil and for a while I wanted to leave. My idea was to move to Miami (of course! American dream), but wouldn’t be possible because of legal issues. So, I started to research and decided for Vancouver, Canada. Still not easy, takes time, so I decided to go for vacation to know the city better.

I decided to go by myself and do whatever I wanted: 2 weeks English course, a half marathon and U2 concert.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 045
Vancouver Public Library

Of course I spent some time visiting the Library. It’s just amazing! The building is so beautiful and it’s a big Library. A dream for book lovers!

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 046
Steamed clock in Gastown

This is one of the touristic points of Vancouver. It’s a cool neighborhood, lots of bars, restaurants and tattoo shops.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 043
BMO Vancouver Half Marathon

The BMO Half Marathon, I absolutely love this race. I’ll write a post just about it.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 069
Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is very beautiful, lots of cool attractions. I love this Aquarium because all the animals are rescued, they treat the animals and keep them.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 068

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 163
Sunset beach
Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 083

The aquabus is just a funny transportation. I took it to go to Granville Island (public market), just for fun.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 106
Capilano Suspension Bridge

I didn’t have courage to cross the bridge (I did it last year). But is a pretty park, lots of green areas, activities, cafes and gift shops.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 112

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 132
Parliament in Victoria

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. I love this city. It’s beautiful, happy and friendly.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 126

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 181
U2 concert at Rogers Arena

Ah…I waited so much for this concert and I loved! It was amazing! I can’t wait to see them again next month.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 195

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 206
Graduation English course

The end of my short English immersion.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 215

I went to Seattle for the day. I always wanted to go and I also wanted to check out the outlet mall. I didn’t really like Seattle. After Vancouver is difficult to like Seattle. There is not much to do and I found a little dirty.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 218

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 254

The famous Whistler. Everybody loves Whistler. It was my first time seeing snow. Very cool village, specially for ski lovers, of course. The village was a big part of the winter Olympic games in 2010.

Fotos cel 22 de maio 2015 248

This was my adventure in 2015. I have to say that travel by myself was the best experience of my life. I had a very basic English and I had to talk to people because there was nobody to help me, I made friends, I went to bars by myself, I did everything that I wanted. It was a victory that I’m very proud of.

And I loved so much that I’ve lived in Vancouver for 2 years, just got my permanent residency and I plan to stay 🙂

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Porto de Galinhas, Brazil – 2007

I want to start the travel category with this beautiful beach.

Porto de Galinhas is an amazing beach, just 63Km from Recife, Brazil. I’ve been there a while ago, 2007 and unfortunately I don’t have so many pictures, But I needed to show what I have. A super blue ocean, warm and crystal water, you can literally swim with the fishes. The food around is really good, fresh fish, obviously, and really cold beer. The atmosphere is wonderful!

Beatiful palm trees
My sister and I
My sister and I again
Some fishes
Some more…
On a “boat”

I can’t wait to go back!